Satoshi Mochida
Unlock A Special Etrian Odyssey IV Item And Quest Right On Siliconera.

From Siliconera:

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan uses QR codes in a neat way. If you visit the Cargo Bay you can scan QR codes to unlock items and quests. Atlus released a few QR codes on Facebook and Twitter for the Surgical Scalpel and Snow Ring. Hmmm… both items sounds like they’re tied to other Atlus games like Trauma Center and the first Persona.

Siliconera has two more QR codes we can share exclusively to our readers. Grab the Third Eye Cloth and Grand Court Banquet quest below.

Third Eye Cloth

This item weakens an enemy’s striking power.

The Grand Court Banquet quest

(You need the Scarlet Pillars unlocked to play this.)


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