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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Trailer


Mew & Pumpkaboo

Although I’m playing on Easy, I got to a somewhat difficult battle already in Tears to Tiara II: fighting Izebel and her troops on the bridge as you try to collapse it. It seems magic does a good amount of damage to her, so I could just have my two mages barricaded behind a fence and see if that works. XD

Also, I’m mildly disappointed that, unlike in the opening, Charis can’t ride atop the war elephant. That would’ve been amusing, plus it’d be a way for her to withstand more damage.

Shining Resonance New PV.

 The Legend of Korra Video Game Launch Trailer.

Persona Q English Character Trailer-Yukari

Persona Q English Character Trailer-Teddie

Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind CHAIN

Atlus is localizing Spike Chunsoft’s Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind for 3DS (we’d wager it’s the new CHAIN version), according to the Australian Classification Board.

The MA15+ rating was posted today and lists the game as simply “Attack on Titan.”


This CxA panel is utterly adorable. Everyone’s expressions are just perfect! This entire chapter is very cute and hilarious even without exact translations. Basically Ayumi sets them up for a vacation at a Hot Spring Resort (that’s creepy because it turns out to be owned by Sachiko). Btw, the picture Mayu’s referring to is the selfie one I posted a little bit back.

Rough translation but this does get the gist of the scene. Mayu used Morishige’s phone to take their picture and tells him that she’s happy that he now has a picture of both of them. Morishige tells her that saying such things are embarrassing but she just giggles. Then she sets the picture as their phone’s wallpapers. (I think. Like I said, it’s rough.) The others are eavesdropping, envious at how close the two of them are.


まどか by わたあめ on pixiv